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About Us

Our past, present, and future

Mountain Ridge



Strengthen the ekklesia of Jesus Christ in the marketplace.

Mountain Ridge



Raise up Godly, innovative leaders to be agents of change as they align with each of their unique gifting and callings. 

Mountain Ridge



Equip Christ-centered leaders to pivot their enterprises and careers amidst disruptive conditions to increase their impact among people, business, and ministry.



Founder and CEO

William (Bill) Tom is the founder of CrossPivot and FUSION Leaders, an organization that connects Christ followers in the marketplace to equips and encourages them to grow their Kingdom impact in business. He has decades of experience coaching and advising CEO’s of business turnarounds in both for-profit and non-profit. His range of experience began in design engineering for HP to creating agile supply chains in high tech products to business turnarounds in manufacturing, distribution, and professional services industries. Along the way, he has mentored and helped executives find their calling and helped coordinate their career transitions to higher fulfillment. His firm, infoQuest has performed executive search services, matching executive leadership talent to business cultures and ownership.


CrossPivot services reflect Bill’s own professional and spiritual journey as he has always sought God’s leading in career and the businesses he’s led to bring God’s Kingdom wherever he’s at.

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Director of Operations

Rebekah Lee is the Director of Operations for CrossPivot and FUSION, flourishing in her gifts of administration, exhortation, and teaching. She also works with infoQuest Management Consulting, a boutique firm that works with corporations to develop a culture of mentoring leadership that results in higher people engagement, productivity, and quality of work life. She brings over 20 years of experience mentoring, training, and equipping the millennial generation. As a “Xennial” and "1.75 Generation" immigrant, she has personal experience and insight into bridging generations and cultures for collaborative and synergistic outcomes. Rebekah holds a BS in Chemistry from University of Washington, a MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is certified in TTI Success Insights EQ, Behaviors, Motivators, and Acumen. 

As a wife, mother, worship leader, and a former youth pastor, she is passionately walking out her calling to equip the next generation of leaders and marketplace influencers to love Jesus and walk in the Spirit.

Svetlana Papazov Headshot 2020 Approved.


Advisor/Principal Consultant

Dr. Svetlana Papazov is an author, thought leader, pastor, and church planter who started and led five for profit businesses, a church and a nonprofit. She has been featured in and written for well-known publications and magazines such as Barna: The State of Pastors, Influence magazine, Evangel, Enrichment Journal and more. Her book Church for Monday  talks about the Church that equips believers for work on Monday and fosters the creative streak placed in every one of us from God.

Churches and associations have hired Svetlana for training in leadership, team development and community transformation. She has coached leaders and entrepreneurs to craft and deliver captivating talks. As a speaking coach and business consultant, she positions churches and businesses for maximum influence.

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Principal Career Coach

Ron is a career coach with decades of experience in corporate executive roles with companies such as RSM EquiCo, Gateway Computers and AT&T. In working as a career coach with firms such as Lee Hecht Harrison and ministries such as Saddleback Church, Ron has coached hundreds of professionals through job transitions guiding them to career paths that are centered in God’s calling and leverages each individual’s unique passions, experiences, training, gifts, and talents. Ron's biggest attribute is his heart for serving people.

Ron is certified in TTI Success Insights DISC Behaviors, Motivators, and Acumen Index as well as Predictive Index in Talent Optimization providing clarity into one’s capabilities and personalities.

We Began with FUSION Leaders

FUSION Leaders is a 501c3 religious nonprofit dedicated to connecting marketplace disciples of Christ to further the Kingdom of God in business. It began with a God-given vision to see the Church thriving and shining in the marketplace, so that people will "see [their] good works and glorify [our] Father in heaven." (Matt 5:16)

CrossPivot is a subsidiary of FUSION Leaders and exists to serve Christian marketplace leaders. We seek to align individuals and even their organizations to Christ, their unique calling and design, and to the needs present in our communities today.

(click here to visit FUSION Leaders site)

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"More Faith In Business"

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