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What's below the surface? Iceberg with DISC above, and EQ/Skills/Driving Forces/Acumen below.

TriMetrix® HD Diagnostics

Behavioral Style, Driving Forces, Workplace Competencies, and Acumen

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 350 US dollars
  • Virtual Meeting

Service Description

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: 1. Unique link to take the assessment online at your convenience 2. Personalized digital report 3. 90-minute Debriefing Consultation with a certified coach to walk you through your results MORE ABOUT THE TRIMETRIX® HD: The TriMetrix® HD is a powerful assessment combining four sciences, helping you to explore four key areas of performance and deeper layers of who you are. The four areas are: Behavioral Style — HOW we behave and communicate (based on the world famous DISC profile) Driving Forces — WHY we move into action (based on 6 categories of motivation spectrum) Competencies — WHAT competencies we have mastered and to what degree (based on top 25 leadership soft skills) Acumen — CLARITY of our values, perceptions, and biases lending to our personal talents and performance (based on axiology)

Process & Policy

THE PROCESS: 1. Book your Debriefing Consultation date and time in your checkout process. 2. Upon purchase, we will send you meeting details and a private link with instructions to take your assessment. 3. A copy of your report will be emailed to you prior to your debrief. 4. We'll see you via Zoom! IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. You will have to complete your assessment BEFORE the debrief session. The assessment will take about 45-60 minutes to complete. Please book your debrief date accordingly. 2. Your purchase will be nonrefundable once you BEGIN your assessment. 3. Debrief Consultation can be rescheduled as needed by emailing us a request to reschedule.

Contact Details

(714) 494-7646

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