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Nitty Gritty Details

  • What is a CrossPivot?
    A CrossPivot starts with a re-examination of your calling (business, ministry, or career) and recasts your business or career to align with that calling and your goals. An enterprise pivot is changing the direction of your business or ministry when you realize the current business model is ineffective. It is reinvented and realigned to meet environmental conditions to achieve success.. A career pivot is a career shifting to meet your current career development goals.
  • How is CrossPivot different from other business or career services?
    1. God at the Center. We designed our servcies to have God at the forefront of every process, decision, and conversation. We integrate Biblical principles and tie in theology of work and calling into our consultations. 2. Nonprofit. Our mission is to equip and support believers in the marketplace, so we have structured CrossPivot to be a 501c3 faith based organization to minster to business leaders so they may make a greater impact in the marketplace for God's Kingdom. 3. Competitive Pricing Our true market value is not reflected in our pricing. Why? Our mission is to connect and support marketplace Christians to make an impact through their careers and leadership to bring God's presnce into the marketplace. We also offer scholarships to those who are financially challenged.
  • Who will be coaching me?
    Each one of our coaches are certified experts in the assessment tools we use. They also possess decades of operational business and/or ministry experience as well as executive coaching of both business, ministry or church leaders.
  • What is FUSION Leaders, and how is it connected to CrossPivot?"
    FUSION Leaders is a faith based networking organization, connecting Christian marketplace leaders to build relationships and support for each other to further our businesses and ministries for God's glory. CrossPivot is a subsidiary of FUSION Leaders, an established 501c3 charitable organization.
  • How are the donations made to CrossPivot used?
    Donations made to CrossPivot/FUSION Leaders are tax-deductible, and go towards operations, growth, and sponsorships. Executives, directors, and leaders of CrossPivot/FUSION Leaders do not receive any payment, rather serve as volunteers.
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